Legno Arredo

Porada - Cabiate
Since 1968, the company has excelled in the production of wood furniture with a clean ...
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The ways of know-how, stories of extraordinary mastery, the heart of a creative mind. A regional heritage that offers craft skills, advanced technologies, a passion for the working of material and a culture of design just a few kilometres from Milan.

Legno Arredo

Mida - Cabiate
Respected company in the field of interior furnishings, where each product is an expression of ...
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Arredo su misura

GCColombo - Giussano
Small artisanal company specialised in the working of wood with modern production methods.
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Superfici per l'arredo

Zanuso Legno - Lissone
Founded in 1959, specialists in the production and marketing of veneers and sawn lumber in ...
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