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Zanuso Legno


Zanuso Legno Srl, founded in 1959, developed its experience in the production and marketing of veneer and sawn lumber in various types of wood, both European and exotic, focusing on respect for tradition on the one hand, and respect for the environment on the other. Two locations host Zanuso’s offices and production plant. The company made a decisive move toward future development in the late ‘90s, launching the production and sale of Q5, thinly sawn boards that offer design and installation solutions until then unthinkable. In 2009 Zanuso introduced Thermowood, a treatment capable of bestowing new colours and nuances that soon became an industry benchmark in the treatment and finishing of wood. The most important brands in the world of design and furniture and it quickly replaced all natural and tinted wood products. 2015 witnessed a new entry in the design sector: StoneOak®, a material that is many centuries old and offers a new interpretation of the wood surface, presented at the Salone del Mobile by several prestigious companies.


Sawn lumber, veneers, thin boards, planks, Q5, Thermowood, Stoneoak®, panelling.

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By appointment Monday-Friday: 08:30-12:30, 14:00-18:00.


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