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Xilopav Srl was founded in 2004 as a manufacturing unit for the realisation of flooring for other brands. The philosophy behind the new company took shape from the outset, based on special care in the selection of quality materials and the execution of the final product. In 2012 the company entered the flooring market directly, developing new product lines and moving into interior design with flooring solutions that gradually became its core business, collaborating on co-design projects with architecture and design studios, thereafter entering the world of fashion with the realisation of showrooms for the most prestigious Italian and foreign brands. The combination of research, bold experimentation with new materials, custom design and technologically advanced manufacturing processes integrated with traditional handmade production make Xilopav’s products uniquely distinctive in an increasingly globalised market.


Custom flooring in prized woods (Plance, Prefinito TZ, Prefinito NZ and Quadrotte lines), panelling for walls and staircases, tables.

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By appointment Monday-Friday: 08:30-12:30, 14:00-18:00.


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