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Artigiano Ambrogio Motta


Artisan company founded in 1930 specialising in the painting and lacquering of furniture, distinguishing itself more for the quality brought to the object in question than for quantity. The company has worked with the Teatro alla Scala and the Piccolo Teatro of Milan on the painting of particular set designs. In November 2004 it received an award for its commitment to the use of eco-friendly technologies at INNOVATECH 2004, a trade show for innovation in the furniture sector. In 2007 the owner, Luigi Motta, was the first painting contractor to be given the LOMBARDIA ECCELLENZA ARTIGIANA award. In 2008 he was among the 25 winners of the LOMBARDIA ECCELLENZA ARTIGIANA competition for the implementation of a further process of improvement aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of painting, including indoor pollution. Today, Motta uses antibacterial finishes and is testing new nanotechnology coatings.


Water-based eco-friendly coatings and traditional solvent-based paints, glossy, brushed and special effects.

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