Digital fabrication and the internet of things
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Fab Labs, an abbreviation for Fabrication Laboratories, are workshops in which a new category of craftsmen and women, called ‘digital artisans’, utilize tools and equipment for digital fabrication. Fab Labs are meeting points, places of sharing and experimentation in which the participants learn to work on projects together with the help of digital technology. Taking this innovative spirit on board, Brianza Experience has set a viral process in motion in order to infect the production facilities of the design district with this philosophy.

The first two Fab Lab pilot projects were staged on Saturday 14 March 2015 at the MEDATECA in Meda and Sunday 15 March 2015 at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Lissone. Meetings with pre-teens were scheduled for the initial phase with the aim of introducing even young children to the significance and use of the digital tools that are transforming the world. The Fab Labs have seen the participation of a group of 12-16 children aged from 9 to 11, who, with the support of TheFabLab, a Milanese start-up, were able to create furniture to suit their imagination. Coat hangers were decorated with symbols drawn from mediaeval imagery and interactive pieces of furniture inspired by elements of nature were made. Thanks to the involvement of craft enterprises in the network, like Fratelli Elli, 3N Arredamenti and Giorgetti, the young digital artisans were able to develop their ideas by ‘hacking’ furniture already in production, redesigning objects of everyday use made in Brianza and giving them a new lease of life and new functions.