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Civica Biblioteca del Mobile e dell'Arredamento

Piazza IV Novembre, 2, Lissone

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History and Architecture

The Civic Library of Furniture and Interior Design in Lissone was set up in 1941 following the decision of the local School of Design and Carving to donate its collection of books to the municipal government so that it could “construct a technical and artistic library for all those engaged in woodworking and the making of furniture”. The opening of the first premises on Via Volta, adjacent to the ones used by the students and teachers of the Vocational School, was intended to represent, according to a newspaper report of the time, an “aid to the growth of the industry that constitutes one of the country’s principal activities”. Several donations by private individuals and important manufacturers in Lissone were later added to original collection, but it did not really start to offer a service to the public until 1956, when the civic library was opened and all the collections of books were transferred to the new premises. Up until the mid-sixties the library was extensively utilized: local production in the sector consisted predominantly of period furniture and people were familiar with the library’s contents as they had used them in the vocational courses. In the following period profound changes in the local economy resulted in a considerable reduction in its role and in the interest shown in it by users. It was only at the end of the seventies that work began on the reorganization of the collection, with the adoption of the Dewey system of classification and the cataloguing of the books by author, title and subject, a process that was completed and digitized in the mid-nineties. These actions led to a significant increase in the number of people making use of the library. The Biblioteca del Mobile occupies an area of around 450 m² on the 2nd floor of the new premises in Piazza IV Novembre, with seating for around twenty people at the tables. Its collections of documents constitute a unique heritage in its field in Italy and perhaps the whole of Europe owing to their specific and specialized character.


One of the specialist libraries of the Lombardy Region, it contains over 6,000 works in various languages, documenting the following subjects: the history and styles of furniture over the centuries and in the world; the production of furniture from 1970 to the present day with particular focus on the Italian industry; the history and theory of design and the work of Italian and foreign designers; the economic situation of the wood and furnishings sector with particular attention to Lissone and the Brianza region; architecture (history, architects, types of buildings, design), town-planning (history, regional study and planning) and engineering (history of construction, building materials and techniques). Around three hundred of the volumes, all of them dealing with themes related to the library’s specialization, are rare pieces much valued by bibliophiles and antiquarians.

Hours of opening to the public

Tuesday: 2-6:30 pm; Friday and Saturday: 9:30-12:30 am.