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Villa Sartirana

Via Carroccio 2, Giussano

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History and Architecture

Villa Sartirana, located in the centre of Giussano, was acquired by the municipality in July 2001 and has been completely restored after major works of conservation. The residence dates from the 15th century and its last owners were the Cattani and Gallizia families. The enclosed courtyard structure was that of an aristocratic country house and the building was acquired in 1640 by Cesare Sartirana, a captain of the Spanish army in Milan, who became its first illustrious owner. He was responsible for the front onto the garden, an element that is well suited to hosting the numerous events that are staged there on summer days and evenings. It was Cesare’s successors who closed off the southern side of the arcade with windows, creating an extraordinary winter garden. The entrance block on the north-west side was built in the early 20th century. The covering of the service stairs is remarkable, with a skylight that illuminates the adjoining rooms as well. The villa remained essentially unchanged until the end of the 18th century, when works of modernization were carried out, along with the decoration of the interiors, some of them attributable to the school of Andrea Appiani. The project of reclamation has been conducted with the greatest respect for the history of the building, in the conviction that the preservation and rehabilitation of the villa were elements of the culture of Giussano that needed to be given back to its people. Numerous delicate works of artistic restoration proved indispensable given the dilapidated state of the villa, whose maintenance was neglected for too long. Villa Sartirana has now become an important cultural centre for Giussano and the neighbouring municipalities, an interesting attraction. It hosts a wide range of functions that can all be connected with the “cultural” factor, and share the same objective: the development and sociocultural growth of the city. The first floor houses the Biblioteca Civica “Don Rinaldo Beretta”, a historic institution that, while operating as a public reading library, has a large collection of books at its disposal. The way it is organized has made it possible to unite the classical functions of a library with the new multimedia resources, at the same time as preserving the original character of the décor. The rooms, which have parquet floors and frescoed ceilings, have been furnished with extreme care, utilizing furniture of modern design. On the ground floor are spaces used for temporary exhibitions, as well as a conference hall and a small refreshment point. Villa Sartirana, a historic building of significance at a regional level, with its splendid park boasting numerous exotic species of plant, has been included in the circuit of the Architectural and Landscape Heritage Service of Lombardy.

Hours of opening to the public

Open during the opening hours of the municipal library and the numerous exhibitions that are staged there over the course of the year.