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Chiesa di San Martino

Cascina San Martino, Carugo

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History and Architecture

Dating from the early years of the 11th century, it stands on a plateau at the point where it was traversed by the ancient route of the Roman road that connected Milan with Como, on the boundary between Carugo and Mariano. Our old people can still remember the time when, early in the morning on a day at the beginning of the spring, they used to go in procession from the church of San Martino to the farmhouse reciting atanei, i.e. “litanies”, to favour a good growing season. Post-war industrial development has broken down this historic bond of faith with the solitary church. The hamlet of San Martino is in the municipality of Mariano Comense, but since the time of St Charles Borromeo the little church, stripped of its revenues, has been entrusted to the parish of Carugo. The old farmstead of San Martino may once have been a monastery and the church was at first isolated, a separate building. Indeed there are records of the existence of two churches dedicated to St Martin: a lower one, which Archbishop Federico Borromeo had demolished in 1606, and an upper one, which still stands. In the oldest documents the church of San Martino is always connected with the name of Gattedo, where in fact there used to be a very strong castle, and this association was maintained until around 1500, although Gattedo had already lost its importance in 1258. The altarpiece dates from the 18th century and is now waiting for a suitable setting. On the rear wall can be seen traces of frescoes dating from the 11th century and representing the apostles and the Last Judgement.

Hours of opening to the public

Open while services are being held: weekdays: 8:30 am; the day before a holiday: 6 pm; Sundays and holidays: 9 am – 11 am – 6 pm.