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Chiesa di San Giorgio

Via Giovanni XXIII, Cabiate

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History and Architecture

The old church dedicated to St George was built in the open countryside. A lapidum acervus (“heap of stones””) was how the archiepiscopal “pre-visitor” Leoneto Chiavone described the church in 1566. Charles Borromeo saw it with his own eyes and on 20 November 1570 gave orders for the central shrine to be left standing but for the other stones to be brought to the foot of the hill for the completion of Santa Maria (now the Santuario dell’Annunciata). When and why had that church, larger than the one we see today and reduced to a heap of stones in the time of St Charles, been built? In two parchments in the parish archives of Mariano Comense dating from 1298 and 1311 we read of the election of the chaplain rector of the church of San Giorgio in Cabiate by two procurators, one from Cabiate and one from Pazzira (the part of Meda nearest to the shrine of the Annunciata today): it is supposed that the people of Meda, not having obtained permission from the Mother Superior to construct a church on the territory of the abbey, had fallen back on this solution, out of the way but not under the control of the nunnery. The present little church of San Giorgio is an architectural jewel designed in 1714 by the architect Giacomo Antonio Quadrio and completed by 1758. Since 1986, the year in which the oratory was renovated, we can see under the beautiful window on the façade a work by Osvaldo Minotti representing St George holding a standard, almost as if he were preceding us in a gallop towards the goal.

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