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Parco Regionale delle Groane

, Lentate sul Seveso

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The Parco delle Groane extends, as a single corridor of woods, fields and moors, from Milan to the province of Como, winding between industrial sheds, detached houses and blocks of flats. In the Parco delle Groane we find, like jewels set in the greenery, country houses, kilns, orchards and some of the most picturesque pine groves in Lombardy. Many species of birds, amphibians and invertebrates live and nest in the park.

Points of Interest

Riserva Naturale Stagno di Lentate, Lentate sul Seveso: a semi-natural pond that has been restored by the Park Authority. It is a stopover for numerous migratory ducks and geese, and the rare little bittern nests there. Access for visitors is from the industrial zone of Copreno (Lentate Nord exit of the Strada Statale dei Giovi), where a nature trail is being laid out. Laghetto dell’Imperatore, Lentate sul Seveso.

Use and access

It is possible to tour the most interesting and attractive areas of the park by means of an extensive network of cycle tracks and footpaths that stretches for over 40 km.