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Parco Regionale Valle del Lambro

, Giussano

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Today the Valle del Lambro can be described as a sort of long green tunnel that has its entrance in Milan and its mouth in the Prealps. And it would not be much of an exaggeration. The times of the deep disrepute into which the river Lambro had fallen are over, the quality of its waters have improved and the indispensability of that common wealth that is the environment has been reasserted. Today the Valle del Lambro Park is gradually revealing the full extent of its value. Here there are country houses, here there is the industrial archaeology of Brianza manufacturing, here there are the monuments and traces of a history that has turned on religion, culture and the love of writers and poets. Here we find all the environmental and landscape qualities of the Insubrian lakes, of the valleys carved out by tributaries of the Lambro, of the resurgences and of the wetland areas.

Points of Interest

Laghetto di Giussano, Villa Longoni, Cascina Torre and Cascina Rebecca.

Use and access

The “Vie del Parco” are 16 cycle tracks that offer a different way of experiencing the landscape of Brianza. In particular, route no. 10 connects the Lambro in the area of Briosco to the Laghetto di Giussano (about 5.6 km).