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Parco Sovraccomunale della Brughiera Briantea

, Cabiate, Carugo, Figino Serenza, Lentate sul Seveso, Mariano Comense, Meda

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The Local Park of Intermunicipal Interest (PLIS) of the Brianza Moorland was established in 1984 by the municipalities of Cabiate, Lentate sul Seveso, Mariano Comense, Meda, Carugo, Brenna, Figino Serenza, Cermenate, Carimate and Novedrate to safeguard and manage the area’s surviving environmental assets. In fact it is one of the first areas covered almost exclusively by woods and meadows that you meet heading north from Milan. These forested zones are of great ecological importance since, descending from the Alps, they represent the last predominantly natural spaces before the great cultivated and urbanized plain. The existence of meadowland and cultivated fields that interrupt the continuity of the forest ecosystems in irregular fashion considerably increases the overall biodiversity of the park, creating the conditions for the establishment of sufficiently diversified populations of fauna. Over half of the vast area (2700 hectares in all) of the park is covered with some of the best preserved lowland forest in the region: large groves of Scots pine, woods of oak and hornbeam and of chestnut. Currently more than 250 species of vertebrate live in the park; alongside species with a wide geographical and environmental range, there are some of considerable value and interest from the perspective of conservation, inasmuch as they are not very common in the hills and upland areas of Como and particularly vulnerable, being linked to environments with distinct characteristics.

Points of Interest

Among the places of greatest scenic and naturalistic interest: the vast oak woods of Cabiate, easily accessible from the railway station: here the park extends right into the centre of the town, favouring an integration of urban and natural environments; the Lago Azzurro at Lentate sul Seveso; the area of Cascina Mordina at Mariano Comense; the network of foot and cycle paths at Carimate, Novedrate and Figino Serenza; the extensive pine groves of Mariano Comense and Brenna; the “Fontana del Guercio” nature reserve at Carugo.

Use and access

To encourage people to get to know this region and its values, the park has upgraded the system of paths and trails that pass through woods and farmland and run alongside streams, permitting the discovery of unexpected environments in such a highly anthropized territory. Information on the walking routes. Attention is drawn, in particular, to paths nos. 3 and 4 between Cabiate and Mariano Comense (4.3 km). The proximity to several stations on main railway lines allows rapid and “environmentally-friendly” access to the park, leaving the car at home to go on excursions and walks.