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Riserva Regionale della Fontana del Guercio

, Carugo

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The Regional Reserve of the Fontana del Guercio, set up in 1986, is located entirely within the municipality of Carugo. The reserve has a number of special features, above all from the hydrogeological viewpoint, given the presence of 14 springs, known as fontanili or “resurgences”, that have probably been in use since the time of the Celts. Among them, the Testa del Nan is one of the largest resurgences in Lombardy and is the source of the Roggia Borromea, which runs right through the reserve. The reserve is also a Site of Community Importance, declared as such owing to the presence of the white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes).

Use and access

A nature trail has been laid out in the reserve with eight information panels illustrating the characteristics of the protected area.