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Bosco Urbano di Lissone

, Lissone

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In recent years, the municipality of Lissone has carried out a major intervention of reclamation of a large area situated in the northeast of its territory, on the boundary with the municipality of Biassono and covering around 115,000 square metres. This area, originally used for farming, has been made the subject of a programme of urban forestation.

Modes of Use

The paths, originally almost impassable, have been widened and tidied up and can now be traversed on foot and on bicycle, with entry from Via Manin/Via Pepe. A small “water-meadow” has been created, providing an ideal habitat for frogs and some species of insects. In the summer of 2005 part of the Urban Wood was fitted out for picnics. The intervention that has contributed greatly to turning the Urban Wood into a leisure facility has been the creation of an artificial lake with an area of around 10,000 square metres. The lake, fed by an aquifer, has been set aside for sports fishing. A small playground has been laid out in the vicinity, along with a refreshment bar. Both are accessible by car from Via Bottego.