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Strumentoteca di Lentate

Via Mancini 3, Lentate sul Seveso

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The Strumentoteca d’Arte Musicale is a collection of musical instruments assembled by a pair of enthusiasts. From 1970 to the present day, Nicola Scarano and his wife have collected over 10,000 instruments from around the world. Their “musical philosophy” is not limited to the collection of more or less precious instruments, but has induced them to put together a documentation of sounds from every country, age and genre in order to understand better the cultures that have produced them.


At the Strumentoteca, the musical instrument is presented to visitors as one of humanity’s most complete artistic expressions, which combines a wide range of elements like form, sculpture, decoration, painting, marquetry and carving. They will also be able to hear the sounds they make through musical performances.

Hours of opening to the public

By arrangement at +39 0362-564897.