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Oratorio di Mocchirolo

Via per Mocchirolo, Lentate sul Seveso

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History and Architecture

The oratory of Santa Maria in Mocchirolo is located in the square of a small and isolated hamlet in the municipality of Lentate sul Seveso. Erected by the official of the Visconti court Lanfranco Porro, referendary of Regina della Scala in Bergamo in 1377, the oratory was frescoed in its entirety in the second half of the 14th century, in Lombard Gothic style. We know that one of the decorators of the oratory, because his name is recorded in the documents (1378), was the painter Pecino (or Pietrino) da Nova, whose works can also be seen in Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, from where he left to go and paint at “Moncayrolum”. In the mid-20th century, the oratory, threatened by decay, was stripped of the frescoes. They were detached and restored and are now in Brera. The frescoes of the presbytery, still in place, represent the Crucifixion, in a much simplified replica of a model of composition frequently used at the time. On the vault Christ is depicted in a mandorla, seated between the symbols of the four Evangelists. On the left-hand wall is painted a scene of Saint Ambrose Scourging Heretics, with figures of intense sculptural solidity and lively expressiveness, and the Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine, of a refined and almost profane beauty. The right-hand wall is occupied instead by the scene of the Presentation of the Model of the Oratory to the Virgin Mary by the Porro Family.

Hours of opening to the public

The oratory is open to visits by groups by arrangement. These can be booked at the Associazione Amici dell’Arte ( or +39 366-4511175). The monument is also open on the occasion of special events (Ville Aperte in Brianza, Settimana della Cultura, etc.) concurrently with the opening of the oratory of Santo Stefano.