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Palazzo Terragni

Piazza della Libertà, Lissone

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History and Architecture

In the second half of the thirties a competition was held in Lissone for the construction of a “Casa del Fascio”, or headquarters of the local Fascist Party, to be located on the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III (now Piazza Libertà). The winning design, submitted by the architects Giuseppe Terragni and Antonio Carminati, envisaged a building with a long horizontal block facing onto the square and closed on one side by a massive tower, housing a war memorial and the “Arengario” or municipal assembly hall. The offices are located along the main front and a theatre and large space for meetings and events in the part behind. The work, commenced in 1938, was completed in 1940: from that date on the building was used by the Fascist Party and to stage events organized by the regime. After the Liberation, it was renamed the “Casa del Popolo”, or House of the People, and used temporarily as the headquarters of political parties, and then of various bodies and associations, while the theatre was turned into a cinema. Since 1975 the building (acquired by the municipality in 1968) has been known as Palazzo Terragni and used as a picture gallery and centre for conferences and cultural events. In 2001-03 it underwent comprehensive restoration. Today Palazzo Terragni is the place of reference for the town’s cultural activities, regularly housing initiatives staged by a wide range of cultural associations with a full calendar of events: concerts, performances and conferences on the ground floor, temporary exhibitions on the upper floor.

Hours of opening to the public

Building open while events are under way (among others, “Artigiani Reloaded”).