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Santuario della Madonna di San Materno

piazzale IV Novembre, Figino Serenza

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History and Architecture

The origins of the church are very old. In fact there are documents testifying to its existence dating from as far back as 1339. Excavations carried out around the church have brought to light the remains of walls from the Early Middle Ages that must be those of the original building. The church was reconstructed in 1903, preserving the campanile, which probably dates from the 16th century. The church is located inside the area of the cemetery. It has a single nave which was decorated by Ernesto Bergagna at the time of the building’s reconstruction. The church houses an image of the Madonna regarded as miraculous and so venerated by local people that a chapel was built inside the church to house it. The chapel underwent radical restoration in the 19th century.

Hours of opening to the public

Open the whole day.